Hi There!

Let me start by saying this:

My name is Ajo, and I am a millennial woman currently living in the USA (Although, I was born in Madagascar, lived in France and spent most of my life in Montreal (Canada), and…I am an environmental engineer

Yes, the latter implies that I spend countless hours working with clients in different industries (or establishments) to help set ambitious sustainability targets or comply with environmental regulations.

Knowing that, wouldn’t you think that I’d have sustainable living all figured out?

Well, as a 30-year young woman who was always striving (at least internally!) to make a little difference in this world, I also thought that I would by now. But, as it turns out, individual sustainability comes with its own set of challenges! It is so easy to lean towards convenience and – let’s be honest – junk, when your in the comfort of your home !

One evening, after having gobbed down my second burger and watched Netflix for 5 straight hours (The Office that I’ve now watched entirely more than 5 times!), it occurred to me – I am a sustainability fraud!

I preach the idea of Sustainability and even advise clients on it, but never act on it myself!
I should know better, right?

This is THE reasoning behind this platform. This site is my journey to demystify Sustainability in our daily lives. It’s for me to learn, to jot down my thoughts and to try to improve my resident scorecard on this earth, one step at a time, minimizing guilt and maximizing the experience!

I also love writing… and I miss it in my day job. If this journey inspires you, or intrigues you, you are welcome to join the ride! In fact, I would love your feedback.

P.S. You don’t have to be a “millennial” to join ;), this concept is overrated anyway!