What is the Impact of Climate Change on YOUR Life?

When I have conversations about our Changing Climate, I feel like the majority of people have no idea about (or underestimate) the real threat that it poses for us. I simply KNOW that people don’t really care to act because they don’t believe climate change will truly affect them, and that it will only equate to more sunny and warmer summer days – and who wouldn’t love that, right?. 

So, I feel like this needs to be clarified.

Thus, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a simple infographic illustrating how Climate Change will truly affect YOUR life

All in all,

Climate Change represents a risk to our health, livelihood, food security, water supply, human security and economic growth. We are currently on an accelerated trajectory where all these consequences are to be exacerbated by 2050. Now, is the only option we have to make even a dent in the economic, social, and environmental impacts that are currently creeping up on us.  

Science has highlighted many times now that there’s no way to avoid any of these effects now, and that proactive climate action could only diminish the degree to which these consequences unfold.

So, that is what’s at stake. Any questions?

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