Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In sustainability, Such as in life… Growth is achieved outside of our comfort zones.

So please, in the name of sustainability – and for your own sake – go ahead and:

  • Take the roads you’re not usually taking home
  • Speak up at your next meeting – they need to hear what you have to say
  • Try a new exercise for a few days
  • Go out, alone
  • Travel and open your eyes to the local gems
  • Talk to people who don’t feel like you (that you wouldn’t likely initiate a conversation with), and have real conversations
  • Make new friends, as an adult – easier said than done, trust me!
  • Try 1 new sustainable practice every month:
    • Composting,
    • Biking to work,
    • Getting a quote for installing solar panels to your house
    • Donating your old clothes
    • Going thrift shopping
    • Cooking a new vegan recipe that you’ve been wanting to try
    • Volunteer at a local organization
    • Buy a stainless straw or a reusable grocery bag
    • Stop buying some products

Try it, for a month, a week or a day, and keep building on these experiences…

Please, hear me here…

I do not feel that I’ve earned the right to lecture anyone one this topic – as I have yet to implement those advises myself. However, I know that – as cliche as it may sound – I’ve had the best experiences in life through unplanned interactions/observations/actions that were performed outside of my comfort zone.

When you put yourself out there, even if it makes you feel fucking vulnerable, that’s when you will achieve growth. Cause, you will either fail miserably or gain a positive experience… And I know that failing sounds scary, but you know (as any expert in any field will tell you) it’s a necessary part of the process to make someone excel in an area. And the thing is, ladies and gents, that life just ain’t that long – so fail miserably now, so you can reap more rewards later.

I will now stop with my (CLEARLY) 2 cents philosophy (hep! there are days like this when I just feel like writing and not edit my thoughts!) – and if this post fails at resonating with you, I will only learn (Case and Point) …