4 Products you Should Stop Buying

Maybe you came to this website to find practical ways to implement sustainable habits in your life RIGHT NOW, because you’re a bratty little millennial who doesn’t know what patience and consistent efforts are (I can say it, I am one of them too!).

I got you covered in this article.

Because, during the last year I’ve been reading a lot about some of the most unsustainable consumer products out there, that are truly wreaking havoc on our environment and potentially our health. Might as well acknowledge them and cut them cold turkey from our lives. I’m not saying that habits are easy to change, but these products are definitely worth the small amount of discomfort you will feel from the change. And if you do, you will gain: a higher self-esteem, the opportunity to brag and to be a little condescending with your peers, and probably a few extra bucks in your wallet (or – let’s be honest – a little lower balance, on your credit card).

That being said, here is what you should cut, COLD TURKEY, today:

1. Plastic Water Bottles

  • I think this one is fairly obvious and its case was made time and time again. Some cities, like San Francisco and Montreal) are starting to internalize how damaging these products are for the environment and are starting to adopt regulations to ban companies to sell these products to consumers. This is great, and I can’t wait ‘til this movement catches on.. However, for most urban areas, semi-urban areas, and rural areas… people still get away with buying cases of bottled water for home/work/regular intake of water on the go. It drives me mad…
    Please invest in a stainless steel (like this one) that is durable and safer for your health and the environment. Plastic water bottles are “cheap and easy”, but they need to go – that’s it.

Good Alternative: Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

2. Cheap Plastic Razors

  • Not only these razors are only giving us their optimal shaving capacity in one use, but the rate at which they are bought and thrown away is frightening. The marketing for these products is brilliant, because I do not understand why women are still driven to buy these cheap pink one-time shaving razors. It infuriates me. I’ve stolen my boyfriend’s stainless steel razor a while back (more than two years), and since then I have not used one plastic razor – I don’t understand why I haven’t done that sooner, because even with the higher purchasing price, the more durable stainless steel options rapidly becomes the cheaper option. There are amazing alternatives out there, staring with (put a link of razor)

Good Alternative: Stainless Steel razor

3. Plastic Bags

  • Same rant as for plastic water bottles. It infuriates me when stores double bag one item at the groceries store – but it is still very present in the American culture. Please, show up with your long-lasting reusable groceries bags and bring them to the grocery store with you.

Good Alternative: Keep your reusable bags in your car, all the time

4. That Trendy Top from Forever 21

  • Or in other words, stop consuming fast fashion right away. I have written an entire piece on why you need to act right away on your shopping habits, when it comes to clothes. I strongly encourage you to read it, if you haven’t have the chance yet.
    Good Alternative: Shop for high-quality durable items on sale

This is a good starting point, and I believe it shouldn’t mess up your entire life…
I will be working on a part two for this post (that might be a little more daring), but in the meantime I hope you get started on these small steps.


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