What Makes a Trip Sustainable?

Travelling is, by far, the best way to experience and the limited time we have on earth, and the diversity that exist in this world, in every single aspect you can basically think of:
food (my focus when I travel!), fashion, culture and traditions, how business is conducted, beauty standards and so much more.

When it comes to Sustainable Travels, the key is experiencing the local simplicity!

Which is much more simpler than it sounds…

One thing you must do, before you hop on that plane/car/boat is research, research, research! Believe me, it will not only give you real insights about the culture and local specialties (food :)!) and you won’t miss anything while you’re there, but you will also learn about the history, the current issues, and many other element that will tilt your perspective while your there!

If you keep up with what the locals do, eat the local food, experience the local activities and don’t go bananas with your shopping and splurging, you’re on the right track to have a great sustainable, and an authentic (which is the best way to travel, if you want my opinion) trip.

Now, before you come at me with your 400 comments about how wrong I am…


I know…

I know that just taking the plane could be considered unsustainable (we should prioritize local travels)!

I know that some destinations are … just unsustainable, or inauthentic (hint: resorts and tourists traps)!

But, traveling is part of my life, and I will never let that go, so while doing it, I might as well find the more sustainable way to do it. And I happen to believe that the more sustainable way is the most experience-rich way – but more posts to come on that-.


The Destination Does Not Make the Habit

Sustainable Travelling simply means appreciating the local culture and environment, positively contribute to the local economy and, that’s what I wish you the most, share and exchange real conversations with locals.

Now, another little tip to make travelling a little more worthwhile for you, I urge you to to travel out of your comfort zone!

If you’re an American, go to a third world country. If you’re European, come to the USA!

Culture shock and acknowledging new realities often has an invaluable impact on people, and that perspective switch (or opening) is one of the most wonderful thing to observe in someone else.

So I urge you to do it, and let me know how it went.